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Faunist Initiative

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A community of people who vindicate themselves.

We advocate a sensible and realistic way of understanding and living our relationship with animals.

The Faunist Initiative believes that our bond with domestic and pet animals should be lived from emotion, but also from reason and objectivity.

They provide us with companionship, food, work… We should treat them with respect and care for their welfare.

The essence of Faunism

La especie humana y su vínculo con los animales | Faunismo

The human species and its relationship with animals

Human society has developed in close coexistence with animals since the Neolithic period or even earlier.

This close relationship with animals, our life in their company, their keeping and breeding, are inherent to our way of being.

As a result of millions of years of evolution, the human species is physiologically omnivorous.

In other words, we are «designed» to consume foods of animal origin as an essential part of a varied and balanced diet, which is the basis of our gastronomic culture.

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Respect for animals and commitment to the environment

A respect for animals that implies that we must watch over their welfare and abhor their mistreatment.

This environmental commitment means that we cannot ignore the negative impacts of human activities and that we must act proactively to protect biodiversity, improve the population status of endangered species and conserve their habitats.

The future of the biosphere depends largely on how our species acts; on the actions of each and every one of us

Reivindicamos nuestra forma de vivir | Faunismo

We claim our way of life

Never before have we felt the need to vindicate the legitimacy of our way of life. A way of live based on family learning and traditions adapted to the new times.

Issues such as the consumption of food of animal origin or the keeping and breeding of animals were part of the «natural order of things».

We watched with bewilderment the emergence and growth of ideologies that sought to limit or override our ability to make food choices or that disallowed the way in which we relate to the animals of our human environment.

We took it for granted that these were passing fads that would never affect our daily lives… but we were wrong.

The Faunist community

The fundamental objective of Faunism is to promote and give value to the feeling of belonging to a global community that lives its relationship with animals from emotion, reason and objectivity.
A community that acts proactively to improve the welfare of the animals we live with and to protect biodiversity, endangered species and their natural habitats.

Animal welfare and environment

Our culture

A community that values our ancestral relationship with farm animals and the resulting gastronomic culture, in which food of animal origin has a special place.
A community that observes that all this can be done without impositions and with the utmost respect for individual beliefs.

Individual beliefs