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Faunist Declaration

  1. Faunist Community
    Faunists define ourselves as a community that promotes a respectful relationship with animals and the environment. We understand that humans and animals share an intrinsic bond that has profoundly influenced our evolutionary and cultural development. This bond gives us the responsibility to respect them; without, however, ignoring the basic principle that it is necessary to establish a scale of values that clearly differentiates between what is human and what is not.
  2. Philosophical and Ethical Foundations
    Loving animals does not mean placing them on the same moral level as humans. Nevertheless, we believe it is essential to base our actions on an ethic of respect for all living beings. We are aware of the capacity of animals to experience pleasure, pain and suffering; this awareness compels us to act responsibly in all our interactions with them.
  3. Animal Welfare
    We are committed to promoting the welfare of the animals we live with in our human environment. We advocate the implementation of appropriate, scientifically based welfare practices in the breeding, keeping and handling of animals that ensure respect for their basic needs.
  4. Conservation of the Environment
    We recognize the obvious interdependence between all forms of life and the environment in which we live; therefore, we recognize the need to act respectfully in all our interactions with the environment. We understand that biodiversity is a common good and that the need to conserve it is a global priority. We are committed to being proactive in protecting and conserving the natural environment and conserving biodiversity.
  5. Education and Awareness
    We believe that education and awareness are essential tools in fostering a culture of respect for animals, the environment and our traditional ways of relating to them.
  6. Healthy Diet
    We advocate a healthy diet that takes into account the nutritional needs derived from our omnivorous nature and physiology, and therefore we defend the consumption of foods of animal origin as an essential part of the varied and balanced diet that constitutes the basis of our gastronomic culture. In any case, we recognize and consider absolutely legitimate the diversity of individual dietary choices.
  7. Conservation of Human Activities Related to Animals
    We recognize and value human activities directly or indirectly related to animals, whether wildlife, livestock or companion animals. We emphasize their cultural, medical, economic and social importance and their contribution to the livelihood and well-being of our society. We believe that sustainable farming and livestock activities are essential for rural development, the maintenance of traditional landscapes and the preservation of the natural environment. We are committed to their continued promotion and maintenance, preferably through the adoption of a social and family model of agriculture and livestock production.
  8. Responsible Breeding and Keeping of Animals
    We support the responsible breeding and raising of livestock and pets. These age-old practices are essential to providing us with high-quality food from production animals and personal emotional benefits from pets. We are committed to providing them with appropriate care and an environment that meets their basic physical, behavioral and psychological needs.
  9. Politics and Legislation
    We position ourselves as a cross-cutting community, detached from political preferences and focused on making faunist principles widely recognized and respected. We advocate legislation that allows and promotes the harmonious coexistence of human activities with animal welfare and environmental protection.
  10. Global Commitment
    We recognize the importance of international cooperation in protecting animals, animal-related human activities and the environment. We are committed to working in partnership with organizations and communities around the world to address the global challenges we face.
Conclusion This statement reflects our core criteria and values, and our commitment to promoting a world that respects all forms of life and human activities that are responsibly connected to animals in one way or another.