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About us

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The idea and definition of the concept of «FAUNISM», as well as the initiative derived from it, are the result of the unanimous agreement of the Psittacus Foundation’s Board at the meeting held on June 21, 2023.

With this decision, the Psittacus Foundation acted in coherence with its foundational purposes, offering animal lovers an idea, a project, with which to feel identified. A project that empowers us and drives us to claim with naturalness and conviction our way of understanding life in relation to animals and the environment.

The detailed specification of the ideological positioning of Faunism has been possible thanks to a multidisciplinary group of experts to whom the Psittacus Foundation is grateful for their collaboration and support.
The Psittacus Foundation would also like to thank its founding company, Psittacus Catalonia SL, for its unconditional support of this initiative.